Easter 2017

What is Easter all about? Eggs? Bunnies? Hot cross buns? Thankfully, the reality is that it’s about something far, far greater! Enjoy those things, by all means – but don’t miss the point!

risenHere at NEC we’d love you to join us to consider the historical events that marked the very first Easter – the death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. Come and hear how those events of 2000 years have an incredible significance for each of us here in 2017:

Friday 14th April, 10am – Good Friday Service

We will be going for our traditional ‘Good Friday Walk’ at 1:30pm – why not join us?

Sunday 16th April, 10am – Easter Celebration

If you’d like any further details about any of our events, or would like to know more about what Easter is all about, please get in touch.

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