Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at your services?

The Sunday morning service starts at 10.00 am and finishes around 11.30am where around 100 people attend. We have the following in most services:

Time of prayer both formally led from the front and a time of prayer open to the whole congregation

Sing hymns and songs both traditional and contempory accommpanied by musical instruments

Every other week we share communion

We hear the bible read and explained to us (around 35 minutes)

Will I be asked to do or say anything upfront in the service?

No, everyone who participates does so voluntarily and we order the services to be as non threatening as possible.

Can I bring children?

Yes! We have a creche for young children and a Sunday school for key stages 1, 2 & 3 during part of the service. Families are instructed when it is time for classes and new comers will be made very welcome. Parents are free to come with their children if you wish.

How can I find out what Christians believe?

The church is a safe place to ask questions and we regularly run courses specifically to explain the Christian message to new comers. See Chrisitanity explored.

What facilities do you have in the building?

The church building is a modern purpose built faciltiy with disabled access,changing facilities for young children and disabled toilets.