Patrick discovers Christianity

I was born into a devout Catholic family, one of twelve children and I had to attend church every Sunday, it was part of my weekly routine, not having any personal meaning.  When I was 23 years old I came to England to work and eight years later I came to work in Wales where I met and fell in love with a  Welsh girl.

We were married and then I attended chapel with her for many years,but only to keep the peace.  It did not have any personal effect on me.

I have attended this church for almost thirty years and over the last couple of years I became increasingly aware that I did not have the same convictions and assurance as those near and dear to me.  Seeing my grandsons so keen I began to covet what they had.  I hoped it would happen to me but week by week I went to church and nothing happened.  I stopped taking Communion because I felt that I should not take it,and that troubled me.

A few months ago one of the church leaders  was preaching about a religious man coming to Jesus secretly, at night.  Jesus said to him that unless  a man is Born Again he cannot enter the Kingdom of God.  Geraint left us with the question, “Has it happened to you ?”

After the Service a member of the church I knew sat by me and asked, “Has it happened to you?”  I said, “No”  and she asked me would I want it to happen to me.  I immediately said, “Yes, but what have I got to do?”. She told me that I did not have to ‘do’ anything, just believe that Jesus died for my sins, and I would be saved.

The following week,  (not wanting to rush things!)  she along with her husband came and prayed with me and as they did I felt a burden lifted – II knew it had finally happened to me, I was Born Again.  I was shown the verses in Acts 17 verse 30 “Sirs, what must I do to be saved? ”  Paul and Silas replied, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.”  Simple as that.  I was so happy to receive Communion the next week.

Well, at last I have believed and been saved and I am ready to obey my Lord by being baptised today.